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ThreeBond and Quimilock adhesives deal with sealing, fixing and watertightness in a wide range of industrial and domestic sectors, using a wide range of specific products for each need, such as liquid gaskets, anaerobic resins, cyanoacrylates, UV resins and electroconductive ones.

Quimilock constantly provides innovative solutions that guarantee the respect earned during all these years both in the quality of the products and in the quality of the service. The most relevant actions provided by the different ThreeBond and Quimilock products and which allow solving numerous problems within this field are discussed below.

1100 Series: Liquid Gaskets

Liquid gaskets have been developed based on entirely different concept and leak-preventing theory from solid-shhet gaskets. By coating a mechanical joint with one of these liquid gaskets before assembly, the leaks can be prevented. These materials can have very important effects in improving the performance of equipment, prolonging its funcional life, and reduccing the total cost.

Various types are available to suit the needs of the work environment, such as temperature, vibration, pressure, contact with different liquids and, of course, clearance.

1200 Series: RTV Silicones

This silicone-based liquid gasket fills gaps on a flange surface and thus completely avoid leaks. When cured, it forms an excellent rubber-like elastic body offering excellent resistance to vibration and shock. It also has an excellent resistance to heat, and effectively seals joints that are subjected to high temperature.

If both products are room temperature vulcanization type, it exists different curing mechanism:

– Oxyme type: Excelent adhesion and oil resistance.

– Acetone type: Non-corrosive and quick drying, excellent resistance.

– Alcohol type: Low corrosiveness and odour. Excellent stress characteristics.

– Acetic acid type: Strong odour and corrosive to metals due to evolved gas.

Oxime type










Acetone type





Alcohol type








1300 Series: Anaerobic resins

The products in the ThreeBond 1300 Series are anaerobic curing adhesives and sealants, wich unlike other products do not cure when exposed to air. Rather, when in contact with metallic ions, they cure in the absence of air at room temperature to form a solid plastic, completely filling the gaps between parts to lock and seal threads and joints.

Thread lockers

ThreeBond 1303

ThreeBond 1305

ThreeBond 1388

ThreeBond 1322G

ThreeBond 1324

ThreeBond 1327

ThreeBond 1342C

ThreeBond 1344E

ThreeBond 1346B

ThreeBond 1360

ThreeBond 1361B


ThreeBond 1373B

ThreeBond 1374

ThreeBond 1375B

ThreeBond 1377B

ThreeBond 1377C

ThreeBond 1385B

ThreeBond 1386D

ThreeBond 1388

ThreeBond 13CB3

ThreeBond 1359E

ThreeBond 1359J


Activators & Primers

ThreeBond 3095C

1400 Series: Locking agents and rust inhibitors for screws

The products in the ThreeBond 1400 series are synthetic-resin locking agents that prevent screws and bolts form loosening, leakig or rusting. The force required to remove a screw to which 1400 has been applied is 10% to 20% greater than the force to tighten it. These products are standard materials, indispensable in then assembly of electronic and mechanical parts.


Being air drying resins they cure completely, even outside the confines of threaded sections. Therefore they can be used to replace conventional low strength anaerobic threadlockers and tamper-proof paints. Unlike anaerobic they can also be used on plastic components.

ThreeBond 1401

ThreeBond 1401B

ThreeBond 1401C

1500 Series Industrial Adhesives

The products in this series are industrial-use adhesives whose major components are solvent-based synthetic rubber and no solvent-based, moisture-curing special polymer. The products have strong initial adhesion and do not lose elasticity after bonding.

General adhesives

ThreeBond 1501

ThreeBond 1521

ThreeBond 1521B

ThreeBond 1521C

MS Polymer adhesives

ThreeBond 1530

ThreeBond 1530B

ThreeBond 1530C

ThreeBond 1530D

ThreeBond 1530P

ThreeBond 1533

ThreeBond 1533C

ThreeBond 1533D

ThreeBond 1533F

UL94-V0 certified MS Polymers

ThreeBond 1537

ThreeBond 1537B

ThreeBond 1537D

Water base Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)

ThreeBond 1541C

ThreeBond 1542B

ThreeBond 1549

ThreeBond 1555C

1700 & 7700 Series: Instant Adhesives

The 1700 series is made up of one-component, solvent-free cyanoacrylate adhesives that bond in seconds between precision mounting surfaces. Applications include the assembly of electrical and electronic equipment, optical equipment, medical devices, automotive and aviation components, and the manufacture of leisure items.


The next generation of Cyanoacrylates has arrived. With a range of features and viscosities available this new range offers significant benefits over traditional Cyanoacrylates. These include:

– Ultra fast curing on standard substrates.

– Very high initial bond strength.

– Fast curing of porous or difficult to bond substractes such as polyacetal, EPDM and POM.

– Elastomer toughened for high peel strength and shock resistance.

Multi-purpose grade

ThreeBond 1741

ThreeBond 1742

ThreeBond 1743

ThreeBond 1745

ThreeBond 1747

Gel type

ThreeBond 1739

ThreeBond 1739B

ThreeBond 1739C

Low smell and low blooming type

ThreeBond 1721D

Impact and temperature resistance

ThreeBond 1781

ThreeBond 1782

ThreeBond 1783

ThreeBond 1784

Fast cure type

ThreeBond 1786

ThreeBond 1757

ThreeBond 1757B


ThreeBond 1795D

ThreeBond 1796B

ThreeBond 1797

Gold series: Ultra fast curing type

ThreeBond 7721

ThreeBond 7737

ThreeBond 7738

ThreeBond 7781

ThreeBond 7782

ThreeBond 7784

ThreeBond 7785

ThreeBond 7786

ThreeBond 7789

Gold series: Activator/Primer

ThreeBond 7797

1800 & 1900 Series: rust inhibitors

These products have penetrativity so powerful that they reduce squeaks of any kind. Also they work to the inside of rust and dirt and make them rise to the surface so that they can be removed easily. With their water-repellent, moisture-resistant, rust-inhibiting power, they remove moisture and rust from metal surfaces. A varied offering of package types, from aerosol to sheet form, is provided to meet many different needs.

Three Bond 1801B

Three Bond 1802B

Three Bond 1805B

Three Bond 1807

Three Bond 1810C

Three Bond 1855

Three Bond 1901

Three Bond 1910

Three Bond 1920

Three Bond 1925

2000 & 2100 Series: Two components Epoxy Resins

Each of the products in this series consists of a main agent and a curing agent. When these agents are mixed and stirred, a chemical reaction and curing occur. The series offers a wide variety of grades to be best sutied to ypour needs.

2022 Main Agent (Viscosity 13.000 mPa·s)


ThreeBond 2102

ThreeBond 2102B

ThreeBond 2103

ThreeBond 2104

ThreeBond 2105C

ThreeBond 2105F

ThreeBond 2131D

2023 Main Agent (Viscosity 900 mPa·s)


ThreeBond 2102B

ThreeBond 2103

ThreeBond 2105C

ThreeBond 2105F

ThreeBond 2131D


ThreeBond 2081D

ThreeBond 2082C

ThreeBond 2086M

2200 Series: One Component Epoxy Resins

The products in this series are enchanced, one-part, epoxy-compound resins developed for electric and electronic equipment. As such equipment has become smaller, lighter and more powerful, an epoxy resin is required to have better electrical, chemical and thermophysical properties. The 2200 series has been developed to meet these requirements. It is offered in severeal types, one of which is a high-peel-adhesive-strength type.

Cures at 70 °C or higher

ThreeBond 2202

ThreeBond 2202C

ThreeBond 2204

ThreeBond 2206C

ThreeBond 2206D

Cures at 80 °C or higher

ThreeBond 2210

ThreeBond 2212

ThreeBond 2212B

ThreeBond 2215

ThreeBond 2215D

ThreeBond 2217B

ThreeBond 2219C

Surface Mounting Adhesives (SMA)

ThreeBond 2217H

ThreeBond 2217L

Cures at 100 °C or higher

ThreeBond 2222P

ThreeBond 2222S

ThreeBond 2223Q

ThreeBond 2224D

Cures at 120 °C or higher

ThreeBond 2230B

ThreeBond 2232

ThreeBond 2232C

ThreeBond 2232E

ThreeBond 2232G

ThreeBond 2233K

ThreeBond 2233L

ThreeBond 2233Q

Die Attach

ThreeBond 2271G

ThreeBond 2271J

Magnet bonding

ThreeBond 2273D

ThreeBond 2273E

ThreeBond 2273F


ThreeBond 2274

ThreeBond 2274E

ThreeBond 2274F

ThreeBond 2274S

For special purpose

ThreeBond 2280C

ThreeBond 2280E

ThreeBond 2285D

ThreeBond 2288B

2700, 2800 & 6600 Series: Industrial parts cleaners

The products in then ThreeBond 2700, 2800 & 6600 series are industrial cleaners for removing grease and dirt. They are excellent for cleansing a wide range of materials, from mechanical parts to plant floors.

ThreeBond 2706

ThreeBond 2720C

ThreeBond 2890B

ThreeBond 2890D

ThreeBond 6602M

ThreeBond 6602W

3000 & 3100 Series: UV curing adhesives

The products in this Series are one-part, non solvent curing, radical (3000 Series) or cation (3100 Series) adhesives ultraviolet which are being developed by the application or our research and our proprietary technologies and know-how. They are recognized as cost-effective products in various uses, such as then electrical and electronics industries, automobiles, optics and OA devices.

ThreeBond 3001C

ThreeBond 3003G

ThreeBond 3003H

ThreeBond 3013H

ThreeBond 3013R

UV for Coating and Bonding

ThreeBond 3042

ThreeBond 3042M

ThreeBond 3045C

ThreeBond 3052

ThreeBond 3052C

ThreeBond 3052D

ThreeBond 3059D

High peel strength adhesive designed for hard to bond materials (PET, PEN, PPS …)

ThreeBond 3017D

ThreeBond 3017E

ThreeBond 3017F

UV + Moisture

ThreeBond 3056F

UV + Heat

ThreeBond 3057

ThreeBond 3057B

ThreeBond 3057F

UV + Anaerobic

ThreeBond 3062

ThreeBond 3062D

ThreeBond 3062H

ThreeBond 3062I

ThreeBond 3062K

ThreeBond 3062Q

ThreeBond 3062U

ThreeBond 3064

ThreeBond 3065E

ThreeBond 3067

ThreeBond 3067B

ThreeBond 3067C

Glues for engineering plastics and optical parts

ThreeBond 3033

ThreeBond 3033B

ThreeBond 3034

ThreeBond 3036

ThreeBond 3036E

OLED & LCD Sealants

ThreeBond 3124

ThreeBond 3124B

ThreeBond 2134L

ThreeBond 3124M

ThreeBond 3125D

ThreeBond 3125F

UV + Heat curing Epoxy

ThreeBond 3113B

ThreeBond 3114

ThreeBond 3114B

ThreeBond 3114F

ThreeBond 3114G

UV + Moisture curing Silicone

ThreeBond 3161

ThreeBond 3163

ThreeBond 3164

ThreeBond 3164D

Visible Light curing resins

ThreeBond 3170B

ThreeBond 3170D

ThreeBond 3170E

ThreeBond 3170F

ThreeBond 3170J

UV for Camera Module assembly

ThreeBond 3140

ThreeBond 3140C

ThreeBond 3140E

3300 Series: Electro-Conductive Adhesives

The products in the ThreeBond 3300 series are conductive adhesives, each made up ot a synthetic resin and a conductive filler containing metal such a silver, nockel or carbon. They offer strong bonding to plastic, rubber or ceramic, and can easily be used on assemblies that require soldering. They are widely used in producing printed circuits, bonding wire leads to electrodes and bonding semiconductor elements and EMI parts. The series also includes anisotropically conductive adhesives that offer strong jointing of high-density multiterminal circuits such as LCDs, to meet requierements for smaller, denser, higher-precision electronic parts.

Heat curing solver filled adhesives

ThreeBond 3301

ThreeBond 3301E

ThreeBond 3301F

ThreeBond 3301L

ThreeBond 3301M

ThreeBond 3301U

ThreeBond 3301W

ThreeBond 3302

ThreeBond 3302B

ThreeBond 3303B

ThreeBond 3303G

ThreeBond 3303M

ThreeBond 3303N

ThreeBond 3303P

ThreeBond 3303R

Carbon filled electro-conductive resin

ThreeBond 3315E

Coating materials

ThreeBond 3350B

ThreeBond 3350C

Anisotropic Conductive Paste

ThreeBond 3372C

ThreeBond 3372E

ThreeBond 3373C

ThreeBond 3373E

ThreeBond 3373F

3700 Series: Heat Resistant Inorganic Adhesive

Heat-resistant inorganic adhesives, silicate-based or phosphoric-bsaed, have been used for assemblies that will reach temperatures of over 1400 °C, but they are unsatisfactory in water resistance, dielectricity, airtightness and workability. As a result, they are not widely used. ThreeBond 3732 is a brand-new heat-resistant inorganic adhesive, in which the binder is alkoxide. It is a one-part adhesive that cures at low temperature and foams very little, and therefore is very workable. After curing, it has excellent airtigthness, resistance to water and dielectricity; therefore it makes many kinds of bonding possible for the first time. It can be used for filling and for relatively thick coating. Also the properties of the binder offer a wide variety of potential uses, for instance in paints and putties.

ThreeBond 3732