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Protection adapted to your needs

Atmospheric corrosion of metals is currently responsible for an appreciable percentage of the normal damage produced by this phenomenon, altering the durability as well as the operation of equipment, buildings, structures, parts, etc. To reduce this effect, there are two classic methods, which are to cover the metal with coatings, thus separating the surface from the atmosphere or using special alloys. These practices often have disadvantages and limitations that are overcome with the use of vapor phase inhibitors.


Cortec vapor phase corrosion inhibitors condition an enclosure by binding corrosion inhibitor molecules to the metals to be protected.


The anticorrosive protection is produced as a consequence of the formation of a monomolecular layer that prevents the access of external attackers and also the transfer of electrons.
The most relevant actions provided by Cortec’s Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) are discussed below, which allow many problems to be solved with very simple application systems.


Temporary protection for warehousing and shipping

The anticorrosive protection in metallic elements in short and long-term storage, such as shipments, has a high importance in today’s world. The perfect state of the final material to serve the customer is one of the great quality premises that any manufacturer must impose on their products.

Exterior metal coatings

Atmospheric corrosion of metals is currently responsible for an appreciable percentage of the global damage produced by this phenomenon in facilities made of this type of material.

Corrosion protection for concrete structures

The service life of concrete structures is shortened on numerous occasions due to the presence of corrosion processes that lead to a serious deterioration of the entire structure.

Corrosion protection for electronics

Corrosion of complex electrical and electronic equipment is a concern due to the costly and sometimes dangerous failures it causes.