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Ideal temporary protection for short or long term storage and shipping

The anticorrosive protection in metallic elements in short and long-term storage and in shipping has a high importance in today’s world, the perfect state of the final material to serve the customer is one of the great quality premises that any manufacturer must to impose on their products.


VpCI vapor phase corrosion inhibitors allow effective protection of metals with the following added benefits:

Vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI) provide an effective protection solution against corrosion processes; These compounds have a sufficient vapor pressure (10-3 to 10-5 mm Hg at 20ºC) to achieve their vaporization and consequently their subsequent condensation and adsorption on the metal surface, forming a mono-molecular layer that allows passivation against aggressive agents.


· It does not require regeneration, it is effective for 24 months.
· If the VpCI layer is disturbed by opening the enclosure or by moisture, it regenerates to provide continuous protection.
· Protected equipment can be used immediately.
· The action in the vapor phase protects inaccessible and hidden surfaces.
· The protected products can be sent to the customers without removing the VpCI layer, since they do not require degreasers or previous cleaning for the use of the products.
· It does not require spraying, drying baths or immersion of the surfaces to be protected.
· They do not contain nitrites.
· Products under MIL standards for military use.


Scheme that graphically shows the mechanism of action of the VCI molecules on the metal surface. The arrangement is detailed as a monomolecular layer, in which each of the VCI molecules that have condensed on the surface are arranged.


Products for electrical panels:

Desicorr-VpCI, VpCI inhibitor desiccant.

ElectriCorr VpCI-238, cleaner and corrosion inhibitor for electrical and electronic equipment and components.

ElectriCorr VpCI-239, Inhibitor for electrical panels.

VpCI-101, Emitter for electrical panels.

VpCI-105, Emitter for electrical panels.

VpCI-111, Emitter for electrical panels.

 VpCI-238 EcoSpray, Inhibitor for electrical panels.

Products for packaging:

Cor-Pak Tablets, Corrosion inhibitor tablets.

Cor-Pak 1-MUL, Corrosion inhibitor bags, inside packages.

Cor-Pak Pipe Strip, Pipe Cord.

EcoPouch, Corrosion inhibitor bags.

Milcorr-VpCI, corrosion-inhibiting plastic for long-term storage outdoors.

VpCI Stretch Film.

VpCI-126, Plastic film.

VpCI-126 HP Shrink Film, Shrink Film.

VpCI-130 Series, Foam.

VpCI-132, Foam.

VpCI-140, Inhibitor paper.

VpCI-308 Pouch, Sack.

VpCI-309 Pouch, Sack.

Powdered products:

VmCI-307, Multimetal Corrosion Inhibitor Powder.

VpCI-309, Powder for cavities and voids.

VpCI-609, Powder for cavities and voids.

Surface cleaning products:

VpCI-414, Cleaner and degreaser.

VpCI-415, Detergent.

VpCI-416, Detergent.

VpCI-418 L / M, Detergent for washing machines.

Hydraulic Test Products:

VpCI-645, Temporary protection in hydraulic tests with sea water.

VpCI-641, Temporary protection in hydraulic tests.

VpCI-649 BD, Temporary protection in hydraulic tests and closed circuits.

Oil-based products:

CorrLube VpCI, Corrosion-inhibiting lithium grease.

VpCI-322, Concentrated oil.

VpCI-327, Oil Based Corrosion Inhibitor.

VpCI-329, Oil Based Corrosion Inhibitor.

VpCI-329D, Oil Based Corrosion Inhibitor.

VpCI-368, Exterior Oil Based Temporary Coating.

VpCI-368D, Exterior Oil Based Temporary Coating.

VpCI-369, Outdoor Oil Based Temporary Coating.

VpCI-369D, Outdoor Oil Based Temporary Coating.

Water-based under-roof coatings:

CorrLube VpCI, Corrosion-inhibiting lithium grease.

VpCI-337 W, Water-based corrosion inhibitor for indoor use.

VpCI-345, Stamping lubricant with VpCI corrosion inhibitors.

VpCI-347, Corrosion inhibitor lubricant.

VpCI-372, Peelable Coating.

VpCI-377, Water-based product for temporary protection under roof.

VpCI-379, Water-based product for temporary protection under roof.

Water-based temporary exterior coatings:

VpCI-389, Temporary outdoor water-based coating.

VpCI-391, Temporary water based coating.

Fuel additives:

VpCI-705, Fuel Additive.

Oil additives:

M-529, Oil Additive.

M-530, Oil Additive, Corrosion Inhibitor.

Coolant additive:

M-251, Anti-corrosion additive for synthetic coolants.

M-370, Additive for coolant.